Our Services

Precious Metal Refining

Recover metals from electronic / electrical scrap

E-Waste Recycling

Dismantling of electronic / electrical product after being declared as obsolete.

Certified Refurbishment

Process of Reusing the electronic / electrical product from a defected after the repair

How it Works A Simple Process

On scheduling your e-waste pickup through our call centre, we will ensure a timely pick up from your site to our R2 certified recycling plant to ensure a complete end to life solution of your e-waste disposal. The reverse logistics is managed by our own fleet of vehicles and channel partners from nation-wide locations.

Schedule Pick Up

we have designed a holistic start to finish process

Material Collection

Upon scheduling the pick-up of your e-waste, our facilitators will collect.

Secured Transport

We transport the waste to our R2 certified facilities


The non-repairable items go through our dismantling facility where any and all parts that can be reused.

Refurbishment and Repair

Repairable items go through asset refurbishment, or the repair of used electronics to bring them back to life.

Shredding and Seggregation

All of these products thereafter go through a complete Quality Check for safety, satisfaction and efficiency.