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Know How To Improve Our Recycling Process

Ramky ARM Recycling has been recycling & refining for over 2 years with a combined experience of over 50 years turning our clients’ waste into recoverable, quantifiable assets. The sellable assets we recover come from sources as varied as manufacturing scrap, plating facilities, jewelry scrap, electronic waste, scrap dealers, dental production materials, to name only a few resources of precious metals bearing scrap. Our expertise addresses the different types of materials in the market place along with the most efficient process for recovery of your precious metals value. Our full service refinery is ISO 14001 certified, which ensures compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Our Mission

To ensure that the e-waste produced, from consumers or producers, is disposed sustainably, without negatively affecting the environment, by reaching out to the maximum number of people possible. Through this, we further extend our commitment to the fulfilment of the SDGs and several national initiatives that aim at working towards the betterment of environment and ultimately preventing the harmful effects of climate change.

Eco system

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Save forests

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